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Over the past few years, the whole lead generation business has moved online. From dentists to banks, everybody seems to have a website as a critical component of lead generation, and this is excellent news. However, we still see many businesses making the same mistakes.

Often, people feel as though they need to try all sorts of extravagant lead generation techniques when their website works perfectly. Why spend most of your budget on buying leads when you can reduce this, and gain leads organically with your website? Why chase random leads when they can come to you?

In fact, this can often be a better strategy because people who search on the likes of Google are looking for a solution to their problem. With your website at the very top of results, you’re the light at the end of the tunnel, and you’ve got yourself a lead.

Why Focus on Your Lead Generation Website?

Ultimately, your website is the foundation of your online business. While your store might be the focal point in the physical world, your website is an essential piece of the jigsaw online. With search engine optimization, your website will attract those looking for a service of your type. When you post on social media, some users will click through to your web pages. When using PPC advertising, the idea is to get them onto a landing page on your website.

As you can see, everything leads back to your website. If this foundation isn’t in place, nothing will work. Even with the greatest ads in the world, the leads won’t convert if a well-developed website isn’t ready to welcome them. Therefore, your website is the key to unlock business success.

What Constitutes a ‘High-Performing’ Website?

Now we know the importance of a website, how can we transform it into a lead generation machine? In our experience, there are some key elements on which you should focus.

Web Design

First and foremost, your web design will be the first thing people see (and judge!) on your website. If the design is poor and navigation is difficult, your visitors won’t stay long. If you’re looking for web design advice, perhaps the best we can offer is to keep things simple. Don’t overcomplicate your design, make sure all information is within a couple of clicks, and use colors that are easy on the eyes.


You might be getting bored of hearing about search engine optimization, but this is pivotal if you want prospects to find you in the first place. SEO is where we excel. If you’re a hair salon, for example, you want to optimize your website with keywords and phrases that the community uses when searching for a hair salon. With Google My Business and other online listings, SEO-driven website content, and off-the-website SEO, you’ll start to rank ahead of your competitors.

Website Hosting

When generating leads, your website needs to be reliable, and this is where high-quality hosting comes in. By working with a premium hosting service, you’ll have a secure, safe, fast website, unlimited space, data management, data recovery, and more.

You won’t convert leads with a website that is slow, buggy, not secure or is down, so keep premium website hosting in mind as a way to increase your online ranking.

Other Considerations

As well as these three factors, we also recommend paying attention to page speed and responsive design. Have you ever clicked away from a website because it was taking too long to load? Of course, we all have, and this is why your website can’t afford to be slow.

Furthermore, a significant number of people are now doing their searching on mobile devices. If your website does not resize for smaller screens, people will click away. Why should they pinch the screen and mess around tapping on tiny links when another site will accommodate them more effectively?

In simple terms, having a fast website that’s easy to navigate, has simple web design, uses SEO, has reliable website hosting, and works on mobile devices will improve your ranking on search engines and, therefore, bring in more clients.

Generating Leads

The concept of search engine ranking is often made unnecessarily complicated. On the whole, search engines want to provide a positive experience for their users. If somebody needs a local mechanic, their role is to show results for the best and closest mechanics. If a Google user finds the answer to their question on the first page, they’re more likely to return to Google for other searches.

By creating a well-developed website, more people will have a positive experience on the site, and Google’s algorithm sees that you’re adding value. As you rank higher on search results, you get more traffic to your website, which pushes your ranking even higher, and the positive rise in lead generation continues.

As local SEO experts, PinPoint Local can turn your website into a lead generating machine by using well-developed website designs, premium hosting, and search engine optimization. Feel free to get in touch with us. With our web presence audit report, we will show you exactly how well you rank online, and where and how to make improvements. Best of all, the report is free. You can order it here.

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